"Best Sandwich I ever ate in my life ...."  
 most of our customers say.      
Kitt's Kornbread Sandwich - The History

I was 8 Years old when I came up with the idea of a Cornbread
Sandwich.  Looking for an afternoon snack, I looked around and found
Mom's leftover cornbread from the night before, "Hmmm", I thought, "I
wonder if that would be good if I sliced it and put in ham and cheese
and heated it up".  I did and it was.  So I ate cornbread sandwiches all
of my life. Of course, it was the crumbly kind that most people make
and it did fall apart but I liked it anyway.  It wasn't until Mom and I were
2 years into opening our third restaurant that the idea came to me
again.  As I took out a pan of broccoli cornbread from the oven , that
we served with Mom's fabulous Chicken and Dumplings, the smell
brought me back to when I was 8.  I thought again, "Hmmm, I wonder if
others would like Cornbread sandwiches like I do?  And so began the
introduction of a new kind of sandwich that has sweep the country.
But this wasn't Mama's cornbread, we perfected the recipe so it would
hold up.  You can eat it like any other sandwich, in your hands,  and it
doesn't fall apart.

The recipe? ,you ask.  Thanks for asking but we ain't a tellin'.  Sorry, it's a
trade secret.  But please, come in and enjoy your first taste of a
Kornbread Sandwich, it's a taste sensation that you will come back for
again and again.

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This Ain't Your Mama's Cornbread
Kitt's Kornbread
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The Kornbread Sandwich
Sorry to announce the
Sad to have had to close my Carrollton location but my Jefferson
Location is celebrating its 10th year in operation!  Come out and
support our original store where you can continue to enjoy the
same great Kornbread Sandwich and most of the same menu.

*Those who have bought coupons through Groupon, Living Social,
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